I found this self-awareness and career assessment test very informatively helpful. As a school teacher, I wanted to be able to do more but was confused. With the analysis of my detailed report, I started a non-profit Maths tuition service for KS3 students (Lakaaye Tuition Services), online, afterwards. I got a very laser-focus clarity on what my next move should be. The questions were thought out and well-ordered. I got great guidance from here and it is fulfilling. Thanks

Deborah Anifowose


The self-awareness and career assessment test helped me in gaining clarity in different areas of my life to say the least. Especially getting to know my personality type which made me appreciate myself as being unique. Through the career assessment test, I was able to choose my current course of study at the university of my choice of future career, and I'm loving every inch of it.

Olusa Oluwakemi Esther


Taking the self awareness and career assessment test was one of the best decisions I made recently, answering the questions gave me an opportunity to dig deeper, allowing me to get the part of me that has been lying uncovered and begin to make use of it to achieve my passion. I recommend this test to anyone in the midst of a confused state of mind concerning the next step to take career wise or someone that need to achieve more than their current capacity can take.

Adeboye Fatade

Creative Nurturer

Going through the "Unmask Session" was the best decision I made in 2020. I was exposed to the exact side of me I needed to give to give attention hence considering my season of life. Right now , I'm exploring the Brand strategist side of me and it's been a lovely ride, thanks to the "Unmask Session "

Tayo Obikoya

Software Developer